Government And Public Sectors

PocketData for Government and Public Sector

Now more than ever, government agencies and departments are challenged to improve public service while reducing administrative costs. Civilian agencies must streamline cross-department and inter-agency data flows; intelligence and law enforcement organizations must automate information sharing processes; regulatory agencies must improve the timeliness and efficiency of their governance programs. At the state level, every citizen-facing process is a candidate for modernization – from motor vehicle administration to law enforcement to social services. Since most government processes have historically been paper-centric, the potential benefits of electronic document sharing are enormous. In a climate where public safety and privacy are under constant scrutiny, however, data security is non-negotiable.

In response to demands for efficient, secure file sharing, government agencies are adopting file sync and share (FSS) solutions. Many FSS services require data to be hosted on public cloud servers, beyond an agency’s governance reach and outside of IT’s control. Public cloud FSS solutions not only pose significant issues related to data security, they have raised serious discussion in the malware and intrusion prevention community. For example, a malware expert recently demonstrated how Dropbox’s command and control protocol could be used to infiltrate an enterprise firewall, and went on to say that Dropbox is among the most secure cloud-based file sharing products. Intrusion risks, however unlikely, are simply unacceptable to government computing infrastructures. What’s needed is a FSS solution that installs on-premise, operates completely within IT’s security and governance realms, yet provides easy end user access and mobility applications.

PocketData : secure file sharing and synchronization

PocketData is a popular solution for government agencies and departments to use for file sync and share applications. It combines the speed and ease-of-use found in consumer-grade file sharing applications with the security, governance and control of an on-premise solution. Unlike cloud-based services, which store sensitive data on public cloud servers outside of IT’s control, PocketData is deployed on premise and on private cloud infrastructures. PocketData integrates seamlessly with every part of the IT fabric – from user directories to security systems to monitoring and back-up services – ensuring that sensitive data remains under control at all times. Yet it also provides the ease-of-use and mobility users have come to expect from consumer-based services.A few examples of how PocketData can be used in government and public sector applications include: