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PocketData for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a massive transformation aimed at improving patient care and reducing costs. In the U.S., the Affordable Care Act, in concert with regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH, are driving the transition to automated processes. Over 80 countries and unions across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America have adopted data privacy and protection laws similar to those in the U.S. However, the information that drives these processes – clinical test results, medical images, patient records, claims data – is highly sensitive. Healthcare and life science stakeholders, therefore, must automate internal and cross-organization workflows while maintaining patient privacy and protecting intellectual property.By next year, 9 in 10 healthcare providers will use smart phones, and nearly as many will have adopted tablets.

Consider the scenario where patient information must be shared among a radiologist, an oncologist and a neurosurgeon who are consulting on a time-critical case. In another scenario, a drug research project may require scientists to share sensitive data such as protocols, test results and confidential clinical information. Although these scenarios are quite different, they highlight the need for a data sharing solution that facilitates expert collaboration while protecting patient confidentiality and stakeholders’ intellectual property.Entering patient health information into electronic records offers a number of critical advantages for health care providers. Teams of specialists can better coordinate care for patients by sharing test results and treatment plans. Patients can receive more accurate care when they're traveling if their records are sent electronically to a emergency provider.Hospitals can run reports to identify resource inefficiencies or inaccuracies in billing. Doctors can more easily consult with their colleagues.However, all of this information sharing must occur under the highest security and privacy standards.

PocketData : secure, friction-free collaboration

PocketData is a popular file sharing solution for healthcare and life science organizations because it combines ease of use without compromising control over sensitive data. Unlike consumer-grade file sharing services, which store sensitive data on public cloud servers, PocketData is deployed within an organization’s IT infrastructure. PocketData integrates seamlessly with every part of the IT fabric – from user directories to security systems to monitoring and back-up services – ensuring that sensitive data remains under control at all times. Yet it also provides the ease-of-use and mobility needed to streamline healthcare and life science information processes.A few examples of how PocketData can be used in healthcare applications include: