PocketData Architecture

Time to control manage of Your Data?

Many employees use cloud-based services to share sensitive company data with each other, vendors, customers and partners. They sync data to their personal devices and home computers in an effort to do their jobs quickly and efficiently – without IT’s oversight. The risks of data leakage, compliance violations and damage to the business are enormous.Consumer cloud-based file sharing services store sensitive company data on external servers outside of IT’s control, in violation of corporate policies and regulatory requirements – maybe even outside the country – and not managed by IT.

Introducing the PocketData Architecture

PocketData allows IT to regain control of sensitive data with managed file sync and share:

The core of the PocketData solution is the PocketData server. Unlike consumer-grade file sharing services, PocketData’s server enables IT to protect and manage files within the PocketData environment – from file storage to user provisioning and data processing. PocketData monitors and logs all data access events for downstream auditing and analysis using popular tools like Splunk®. The server provides a secure web interface through which administrators control all of PocketData’s resources, allowing authorized users to enable and disable features, set policies, create backups and manage users. Advanced features for enterprise directory integration and file “firewalls” give admins exceptional flexibility and control. The server also manages and secures API access to PocketData, while providing the internal processing engine needed to deliver high performance file sharing services.

The PocketData server stores user files in standard file system formats and can use most enterprise file systems. If you can mount the file system on your server, PocketData can use it – PocketData is file system and storage agnostic. PocketData can leverage storage that is physically located in your data center or “virtually mounted” third-party storage. Thus, PocketData enables you to protect your files as you would any other data asset in your infrastructure. PocketData works seamlessly with all of your existing tools and utilities, from standard backups and intrusion detection, to log managers and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions. Adminstrators can also activate the included encryption module to provide an added layer of encryption at rest for user files.