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PD-SaS is a file sharing solution with an unattended synchronization engine and end point data protection system which is in keep with current trend and technology.Provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices and provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web.


The PocketData Sharing and Synchronization (PD - SaS) is a product that consist of a component and integrate together to develop as a main structure of PD - SaS architecture. This component are:


User Management

A convenient web interface that allows administrators to configure the system and manage users and data.This feature will let you control the assesibility of your data.


Want better control over your shared photo gallery? Now you can specify the PD - SaS photo directories, sort order,share your galleries with any email address you choose, andcontrol whether they can share those photos with anyone else.


Want to integrate PD - SaS into your existing syslog service? Now PD - SaS can write to syslog log files as well as the existing PD - SaS log file.

LDAP / Active Directory

Want to manage PD - SaS users from a directory? Now PD - SaS enables admins to manage users and groups from their LDAP or AD instance.


Want to share your calendar with other users of PD - SaS? Enable the Calendar Application, open your calendar,select share, and choose the users or groups you want. You can be sharing your important calendar and important events in no time.

Migration And Backup

Do you have multiple PD - SaS instances, perhaps a primary and a backup installation? Now you can easily move your PD - SaS user accounts between PD - SaS instances, and have a backup ready when you need it.

Content Search

A new lucene based full text search engine app is added. People can use the search to not only find files by name but also by content.

Document Viewer

Want to read open document format files without downloading them? Enable this Application and you can click on any ODF formatted document (.odt, .odp, .ods) and read it in your web browser with no download required.

File Versioning

PS - SaS supports simple version control for files. Versioning is enabled by default, and creates backups of files which are accessible via the history tab. This tab also links to the history page, where you can roll back a file to any previous version.


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